Aspect and argument structure

Aspect and argument structure

The course is an introduction to how semantics and  syntax try to best represent the relationship holding at the sentence / proposition level between certain lexical items and the obligatory presence of others. The course is also about the interface component, argument structure, and its usefulness.


Course Objectives:

- To introduce students to the relation/interaction between the lexicon and the syntax of English

- To acquaint them with the current debate over the issues thereof


Course content:

- Aspect as a determining factor of predicate classification

- Verbal and related nominal predicate argument structure

- Syntactic derivation/representation of nominalised structures


Lectures and student presentations.


No set textbook is set. The students will be issued a series of handouts that would cover the topics set for this course.


The presentations and the reviews by the students will count as continuous assessment. We may also opt for having an end of term test.