Course summary:

 The course aims to develop in participants a critical awareness and understanding of the principles and practice of English for Specific Purposes (ESP), as well as the knowledge and skills to design and implement effective ESP courses

Objectives of the course:

On Completion of the course, the students will have developed:

  • the ability to critically analyse and assess relevant theory, empirical studies and practical applications;
  • a critical understanding of pedagogical, cultural, and commercial issues involved in the design, management and implementation of programmes of ESP;
  •  the ability and knowledge required in order to engage in independent reflection and enquiry;
  •  a critical awareness of the principles and processes of conducting Needs Analyses and Language Audits and their significance for the design of programmes in ESP;
  •  the skills necessary to carry out effective Needs Analyses and to design effective and relevant needs analysis instruments and procedures;
  • greater confidence in the day to day aspects of the management of ESP programmes,
  •  greater confidence and proficiency in oral and and written communication

Course content:

1-    Introduction to ESP:

  • What is it?
  • What are its characteristics?
  • Who can teach it?
  • Historical background & development.

2-    Approaches to ESP course design 1:

  • Needs Analyses;
  • Language audits:
  • Approaches to course design ;
  • Case studies.

3-    Application :

  •  The Syllabus ;
  • Materials valuation ;
  • Materials Design ;
  • Methodology ;
  • Evaluation

4-    Business English:

  • Courses – type and content
  • Resources and assessment
  • ‘International’ business English

Teaching method:

 Lectures, exercises, teaching observations, student-led presentations based on key readings,discussions,  independent reading, library research, tests whenever necessary and/or possible.

NOTE: Participants will be expected to contribute actively to the sessions.

Course book:

 Hutchinson, Tom and Waters, Allan (1987) English for Specific Purposes: A Learner-Centered Approach Oxford University Press

Basturkman, Helen (2006) Ideas and Options for ESP. London: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publisher



  • Continuous assessment :   60%
  •  End-term Test :             40%